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CITYBEATS vs STEALTH: What's the difference?

Posted by INNRSTYL on

So what is the difference between CITYBEATS and STEALTH?  

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions we have received.  While both of them are extremely comfortable and business ready, they are in fact rather different from the inside.  STEALTH is a pair of dress pants that is transformed from a pair of sweat pants.  The inner fabric is pure French Terry knit fabric and has more of a loopy texture on the inside.  Just like this:

CITYBEATS uses a totally different material and they don't only have the same comfort level (if not more), but also the look and feel that is even closer to a pair of proper dress slacks.  From the outside, CITYBEATS have a pocket design that are much more useful for today's lifestyle.  In addition, the material is made of Rayon / Nylon / Lycar and has a much smoother feeling to it.  This combination of Rayon and Lycar is what make these pants extremely soft and comfortable.

In the end, some people do like the loopy feel of a traditional cotton sweatpants, and STEALTH uses that exact material.  CITYBEATS is an upgraded version of STEALTH.  Pockets are redesigned, and the material is different.  Either way, there's gotta be one version that you would love.  

We were all in the same boat before, wearing extremely uncomfortable pants to work just because we have no choice.  This is no longer the case!  

We hope that this blog can help you decide which is best for you.  To learn more about these, please click on one of the links in below:



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