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SVELTE PANTS went to court!

Posted by INNRSTYL on

Another review, another positive feedback by another happy blogger, well in this case, two. Carmen and Amanda from Lifestyle Lookbook took our SVELTE PANTS for a test drive and we are happy to report that they have given their stamp of approval. They didn't only wear it to their work, but Carmen actually wore them to court! We were also glad that the judge didn't send her back, so we guessing that also means the Hong Kong judge has approved as well. 

Just to demonstrate how versatile our SVELTE COMFORT DRESS PANTS are, Carmen did a split with them.  Whoa!  She is flexible alright.  

By all means, we are happy to see that these beautiful ladies are enjoying the pants.  We'd also like to stress how these pants can be beneficial to a lot of us from this example.  It really doesn't matter if you are a work from home mom, or the ever busy lawyer working ridiculous hours, you going to love them because no one should resist extra comfort.  And to Amanda, your idea is already in our thinking process, we hope to bring you good news soon! 

See their full post here

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