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The HongKonqueror Approved

Posted by INNRSTYL on

Recently, we have asked Ms Caroline Roy to try on a pair of our SVELTE COMFORT DRESS PANTS and see what she thinks.  We are so glad that the review was nothing but praise.  We are so happy that Caroline likes them so much because her profile is exactly why these pants were born.  

A prototypical entreprenmom, she not only takes care of her family day in and day out, but also manages a professional blog.  On top of it all, she owns her very own apron business - Apronto World.  It's a shame that we couldn't arrange a photo session with her to capture how these pants can significantly improve her everyday life, but we are glad that she still made a very detailed review - CLICK HERE.  Visit the link for more information.  

We like to hear more about our customers, feel free to email us to tell us how you liked them at!

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