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LIGHTWING Tyvek Footwear

When one think about material used for shoes, we are pretty sure noone would come up with TYVEK.  Normally a material that is used in either building and construction, or even protective apparel to shield one from harmful particles, the ever creative team from The UT Lab has wrapped them over your feet.  Speaking of think outside the box...

The shoe's main material Tyvek is a flash-spun synthetic material developed by DUPONT, it gives the shoes a look and feel of paper.  They surely weigh like paper, but this material also provides you an ultra durable protection that is tear and water resistant.  It is advisable to wear them with socks a few times until they are broken in.  Not only will it give you a more comfortable feel, it will also amazingly form fit onto you feet.  A truly amazing material.

As a result, you don't only get an ultra lightweight footwear, but also tear-resistant, water-resistant and breathable.