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Impossibly light, water resistant TYVEK and KEVLAR boots, these boots are truely one of its kind.  They weight at an incredible 450 gram per boot and is definitely a must own if you are looking for an all weather footwear.  As compared to other traditional boots, the ARGONAUT weighs only a fraction and is made with ultra durable materials.  TYVEK® inspired all season boot and combined it with an unbelievably tough KEVLAR composite. Making it one of the lightest and toughest. It is truly perfect for the urban explorer.  Not to mention, the boots adhere to a animal concious design process, no leather has been applied to these boots.


  • Imppossibly Light: 450 grams per shoe (USM 11)
  • Water-resistant
  • Removable insole
  • Machine wash cold or handwash; Air Dry
  • Made with no animal derived material


  • Tyvek collar
  • Kevlar Nylon high quarter
  • EVA foam rubber boot outsole
  • Poliyou insole

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US$138.00 US$42.00

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