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Made with premium performance activewear material, SVELTE gives you the comfort of yoga pants but the look of dress pants. We want you to goto work both looking great and feeling awesome!


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 The thinking behind these pants is very smart and modern- they are lightweight but a little thick, still they don't make you too sweaty in the Hong Kong heat and humidity.  

Palka Chopra

An Array Of Thoughts

 It's a win-win when you can wear the same pants to work and do yoga during lunch time or after work. 


Ordinary Bambi

 Despite being so comfortable, the Svelte Comfort Dress Pants really do look the part, so you can wear them to the boardroom, an interview or a formal 'do and look smart and professional while still feeling incredibly comfortable. 

Sassy Girls

Sassy Hong Kong

 It wasn't until I turned up to Court in them earlier this week (and no one batted an eyelid) that I realised exactly how business-like they look! 

Amanda & Carmen

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